To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the corporation, Colruyt Group and it’s agency Achilles decided to found a digital museum.
In this museum visitors can interactively experience the history of one of Belgium’s most famous and successful family company.

My mission: to design the interface and look & feel.


Achilles’ first sketches of the experience, including the interaction between visitor, device and guide.

Upon arrival the visitor is given a tablet with augmented reality (AR) functionality.

The guide has a dedicated device on which he/she finds talking points to guide the narrative and functions
which he/she controls a large projection screen.

To safeguard consistency throughout 170+ screens I designed a UI-kit, which allowed easy re-use of assets
and swift and meticulous design of additional assets.

While I was designing the screens, the XR-wizards at Aeroplane
worked their magic on various AR-games, animations and interactive challenges.

realised for and with Achilles and Aeroplane

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