logo design

Your logo is a core aspect of your brand. It is a universal signature that makes your brand recognizable.

Therefore, your logo needs to be unique, for several reasons: avoiding market confusion is one, being able to legally register your logo is another. When designing a logo, I will often design multiple approaches and creative directions to test which design best communicates the brands’ essence while offering advice to help my clients avoid legal and creative pitfalls.

Visual identity

A unique brand requires a unique visual language.

It’s impossible to tell a brands’ entire story in a logo. But when you extend the brands' DNA to the full spectum of the visual identity, you suddenly have a very large canvas to paint on. Color use, photography, art direction, directing style, cinematography for videos, iconography, typography; all these things define your brand’s unique visual language. This is not to say you must to employ all these media. Great brands can be built using minimal means. Building a brands’ visual identity requires good art direction with an eye for detail, while keeping the larger brand ambition in scope.

graphic design for print, spaces, walls and more.

While brand identity is my specialisation, I do not limit myself to "only" identity work.

Whatever your design needs, I can implement your communication across many media (e.g. in print and digital) in a conceptually innovative way that engages your target audience. Maybe you’re an author needing a cover design for your next book, or you need a packaging for a new product or the graphic upholstering of your office or retail space. For all this and more, I’d be happy to help you out.

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